By Michelle Shephard
Some have called it the "trial of the century," saying it will rival Nuremberg for historical significance. Others decry the Guantanamo prosecution of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others as a "show trial," tainted by torture and secrecy. Toronto Star national security correspondent Michelle Shephard, who has covered Guantanamo for a decade, reporting on more than two dozens trips to the base, gives readers an intimate and dramatic look at the hearings in her ebook Justice on Trial: Inside Guantanamo's Divisive 9/11 Prosecution. Told through the eyes of a brother of a 9/11 victim, Guantanamo's chief prosecutor, Mohammed's defense attorney and the accused himself, Justice on Trial is essential reading on the momentous reckoning for a crime committed 12 years ago.

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