By Toronto Star Newsroom
One in 88 children is diagnosed with some form of autism, according to the American Centers for Disease Control. Canadian experts say the numbers are similar here, and show no sign of slowing. While the implications of this neurological disorder on health, education and social service policy run deep and wide, there has been little meaningful Canadian journalism on the issue. To address this gap and in the spirit of public-advocacy journalism at the core of the Toronto Star, we launched The Autism Project — an ambitious assignment for a team of Star journalists to find and tell stories of autism from a fresh perspective. The project’s sweeping look at the life cycle of autism — from birth to death — exposed a shocking lack of government strategy across each life stage.
The response from our readers was overwhelming. From autism experts to policy makers to those living with autism, the Star won accolades (including a recent nomination for the National Newspaper Awards) for bringing new light to a crucial issue and helping to bring about change in Ontario. In answer to dozens of requests, Star Dispatches is making the entire, groundbreaking series available, updated especially for the ebook edition.

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