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Breaking a news story takes dedication, sometimes for years. It requires curiosity,
determination and a commitment to delivering the truth to a public who deserve
nothing less. Star journalists are held in the highest regard for their integrity, accuracy and relentless pursuit of news stories that need telling.

Toronto Star Journalists

Toronto Star Journalists
Bill Schiller on Ernest Hemingway
Jennifer Wells on Morley Callaghan
Catherine Porter on June Callwood
Jesse McLean on H.G. Wells
Jayme Poisson on Margaret Atwood
Katie Daubs on Stephen Leacock
Jim Rankin on Mordecai Richler
Leslie Scrivener on Nellie McClung
Wendy Gillis on Naomi Klein
Joe G. Hall on Gary Lautens
Kevin Donovan on Pierre Berton
Mary Ormsby on Milt Dunnell
Jennifer Pagliaro on Gordon Sinclair
Amy Dempsey on Linwood Barclay